About me


  • International cert. PBSP®- therapist
  • International cert. PBSP®- supervisor
  • International cert. PBSP®- teacher
  • Federally certified psychosocial counsellor
    pca.acp (Swiss Society for the Person-Centred Approach)
  • Supervisor / Coach BSO
  • Graduate social pedagogue FH
  • Person-centered and systemic focus
  • Trainer for person-centred communication PCA and expert for PBSP®

Ethics and values

The following guidelines are important for my work:

  • Respect for human beings, regardless of gender, origin, culture or religious conviction
  • The personal responsibility of the human being
  • Appreciation, empathy and congruence
  • Regular reflection of my consulting work with experts

I am subject to the professional regulations of the Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Consulting BSO and the Swiss Society for Consulting SGfB as well as the duty of confidentiality.